Shorty Tjangala biography

Shorty Jangala Robertson - Aboriginal Artist 

Shorty Jangala Robertson

Born:          c1925 - 2014
Region:      Yeundemu, Northern Teritory
Language: Warlpiri

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Keeping Culture Alive

Shorty Jangala Robertson was born circa 1920 at Jila (Chilla Well), a large soakage claypan near Yuendumu, approx 300kms north west of Alice Springs in Central Australia. 

Shorty had virtually no contact with white people during his youth but remembers leaving Jila for Mt Theo 'to hide' from being shot. After his father died he moved with his Mother to Mt Doreen Station, It was not until much later in his life that he began to paint.
This accomplished artist was an active member of Warlukurlangu Co operative and one of their most successful artists.

Shorty's Dreamings are Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) and Watiya- warnu Jukurrpa (Acacia Tenuissima Dreaming)


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