Rosella Namok Biography

Rosella Namok: Moving Forward

Rosella Namok is an Aboriginal artist blending the artistic approach of the first Australians with modern techniques to create striking contemporary works that push Aboriginal art in new directions.

While only a young artist, Rosella's work is included in numerous national and international collections.

Lockhart River Artist

Rosella is part of the Lockhart River Art Gang, a group of young, Aboriginal artists from the east coast area of Cape York. Rosella’s paintings are very contemporary in style. She depicts stories about her life in an isolated Aboriginal community, and about the people around her – how they live and what they do. Rosella also depicts the country and Lockhart, and explores the influence of the weather on the landscape.

Keeping Culture Alive

Many in the younger generation of Aboriginal Australians are losing interest in the traditional laws and culture of their people. To give these traditional influences new life, and to preserve them, Rosella works them into her painting in various ways. The senior first Australian women at Lockhart are a great resource for Rosella in learning about the old way.

A Unique Technique

Rosella paints with her fingers, an adaptation of the traditional sand drawing style taught to her by her grandmother.

Award Winning Panels

In October 2003, Namok's nine panel painting Today Now... We All Got To Go By The Same Laws won the High Court Centenary Art Prize. Described by Justice Gleeson of the court as a "bold, beautiful, confident and contemporary" work, it portrayed the emergence of modern law from Aboriginal pre-history.
Rosella Namok
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