Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa Biography

Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa - Aboriginal Artist from Western Desert

Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa

Born:            c1920 -2006
Language:   Pintupi
Region:        Kintore, Northern Territory
Peg Leg Tjampitjinpa Aboriginal Art for sale

Keeping Culture Alive

Pegleg Tjampitjinpa was born circa 1920 in the Australian desert. He and his family lived a traditional lifestyle in the region surrounding Wilkinkarra and had no contact with western civilisation until 1957 when his family group encountered a Northen Territory Welfare branch control at which time they were relocated to settlement Papunya in Central Australia.

Pegleg started painting after visiting his relation Pinta Pinta at Walungurru (Kintore). His works are reminiscent of works by the early Papunya Tula artists of the very early 1970’s, with a very limited palette and focus primarily on Tingari designs.  Peg Leg was co-husband to the artist sisters Mary Brown Napangardi and Margaret Brown Napangardi

After Pinta Pinta‘s death and due to failing eyesight Pegleg stopped painting until the late 1990’s when an eye operation restored his sight.

Pegleg's paintings featured in the important exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW 'Papunya Tula - Genesis and Genius' in 2000'. He is represented in major public and private collections throughout Australia 

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