Patrick Tjungarrayi Biography

Patrick Tjungarrayi - Aboriginal Artist from Western Desert

Patrick Tjungarrayi

Born:            c1943
Language:   Pintupi
Region:        Jupiter Well, Western Australia
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Keeping Culture Alive

Patrick Tjungarrayi was born  around 1940 in the Western Desert at Yalangerri (near Jupiter Well) about 200 kilometres west of Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay) and grew up in the remote deserts of Western Australia learning the traditional nomadic skills for hunting and ceremony which were passed on by his family. The migrations and relocation's  that occurred in the 1970s’ saw Patrick Tjungarrayi relocate to the Balgo Mission, then in 1981 to Walungurru (Kintore) and finally in the mid 1980s to Balgo. 

Patrick first started to paint for Warlayirti Artists the new art centre there only to move to Kiwirrkurra in the early 1990s where he joined Papunya Tula artists.   Since then he has painted both for Papunya Tula, Balgo and independent dealers in Alice Springs. 

2008: Winner of Western Australia's Indigenous Art Award

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Holmes a' Court Collection
South Australian Museum, Adelaide

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