Pantjiya Nungarrayi Biography

Pantjiya Nungaurrayi - Aboriginal Artist from Western Desert

Pantjiya Nungurrayi

Born:            c1936
Language:   Pintupi
Region:        Kiwirrkurra - Western Australia
Pantijiya Nungurrayi art for sale

Keeping Culture Alive

Pantijiya commenced painting for Pupunya Tula Artists in 1996, and was the wife of George Maxwell Jangala (now deceased), who also painted for Papunya Tula Artists.  Pantjiya has five sons and three daughters, one of her sons is Raymond Maxwell Tjampitjinpa, who also paints for Papunya Tula.  Pantijiya was born near Haast Bluff prior to the mission being built

extract:  Birnberg, M. & Kreczmanski, J.B. (2004) Aboriginal Artists Dictionary of Biographies. Central Desert, Western Desert & Kimberley Region. J.B. Publishing Australia. Marleston, South Australia.

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