Lilly Kelly Napangardi Biography

Lilly Kelly Napangardi - Aboriginal Artist from Western Desert

Lily Kelly Napangardi (Napangati)

Born:            c1948
Language:   Warlpiri/Luritja
Region:       Pupunya, Yamunturrngu (Mt Leibig) - Northern Territory
Lily Kelly Napangardi  Aboriginal Art for sale

Keeping Culture Alive

Born in Haast Bluff, Lily Kelly commenced painting in 1986 for Pupunya Tula Artists.  She depicts the stories from the Haasts Bluff and Kunajarrayi (Mt Nicker) area and now paints very innovative interpretations of her traditional country for Watiyawanu Artists of Yamunturrngu.  Her husband, Norman Kelly Tjampitjinpa is also an artist but one who now paints only occasionally.

Extract:  Janusz B. Kreczmanski and Margo Birnberg, Aboriginal Artists Dictionary of biographies, Central Desert Western Desert Kimberley Region, JB Publishing

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