Kathleen Ngale Biography

Kathleen Ngale - Aboriginal Artist from Utopia

Kathleen Ngale

Born:            c1934
Language:   Anmatyerre/Alawarre
Region:       Utopia, Alice Springs - Northern Territory
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Keeping Culture Alive

In the late 1970’s Kathleen along with a number of other Aboriginal women started her art career in the medium of batik with her designs on silk and cotton. Her work in batik is featured in ‘Utopia A Picture Story’. 

In the 1980's Kathleen along with the other women from Utopia started painting on canvas,  her sisters Polly and Angelina Ngale are also accomplished artists.

Kathleen’s main dreaming is that of the Bush Plum or Wild Plum (Arnwekety), which is a much sought after food source in Arlperre in Central Australia and one which ripens between Christmas and May. Her art captures the changing colours of these small berries as they ripen from yellow and orange to pink and purple. In her paintings she also traces the journeys of the women in search of the Bush Plum and to the spiritual forces of the ancestors who created the landforms.

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