Judy Watson Napangardi Biography

Judy Watson Napangardi - Aboriginal Artist from Yeundemu

Judy Watson Napangardi

Born:            c1935
Language:   Warlpiri
Region:       Yuendemu - Northern Territory
Judy Watson Napangardi Aboriginal Art for sale

Keeping Culture Alive

Judy Watson has painted for Warlukurlangu Artists since 1986 and is a very active member of this enterprise. In her paintings, she depicts stories from her traditional country at Mina Mina such as Honey Ant, Women, Kanakurlanngu (Digging stick), Snake Vine and Majardi (Hairstring belt).  The art of Judy Watson is characterized by very vibrant colours and textured surfaces.

Extract:  Janusz B. Kreczmanski and Margo Birnberg, Aboriginal Artists Dictionary of biographies, Central Desert Western Desert Kimberley Region, JB Publishing

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