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Fiona Omeenyo is member of the Lockhart River Art Gang who is rapidly gaining a strong reputation for her distinctive style and use of colour. In 2001 her solo exhibition sold out on the opening night and her shows have been consistently successful since then.

Fiona was born in 1981 and has been a member of the Art Gang since the late 1990s. Her imagery is based on key stories from the Umpila language group, and they relate to their history, their ancestor spirits, and to their relationship to their land.

A recurring theme in her work is the Umpila clan story of Miiku who stole the two ancestral parrot-sisters before their planned marriage to Kuchuuy, the sea eagle. The sisters create the story place for her traditional country at Chester River. 
Fiona says: "I like to paint about country and stories passed on to me by my family… it's good to understand these stories so I can tell my kids about these story places and why they are important to our family."

Fiona Omeenyo

Born:         1981
Region:      Lockhart River, Cape York, 
Language: Umpila

Fiona Omeenyo's Articles and Publications

The Art collector 2007 edition Woombs and Ghosts 
The Australian April 10th 2012 The Old Gang Takes A New Journey
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Fiona Omeenyo Aboriginal Art
Fiona Omeeyo Art
Holding on - 104 x 75cm
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