Charmaine Pwerle Biography

Charmaine Pwerle

Born:            1975
Language:   Anmatyerre
Region:        Utopia
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Keeping Culture Alive

Charmaine Pwerle is the daughter of Barbara Weir and the granddaughter of the renowned artist the late Minnie Pwerle. She was born in Utopia and stayed there until she was seven when she was sent to Adelaide to improve her education. She remained there until she was 10, spending one year in Utopia before attending St Phillips College in Alice Springs. She completed high school in Alice Springs returning to Utopia for a few years, she then moved back to Adelaide to study.
In 1992 Charmaine returned to Utopia and worked for Urapuntja Council as a junior administration assistant, while living with her mother Barbara Weir and Grandmother Minnie Pwerle and Motorcar Jim at Soakage Bore - an outstation on what used to be Utopia Station. She livesin Alice Springs with her partner, 4 daughters and one step daughter.

My Grandmother's Country:
Minnie Pwerle, came from a region called Atnwengerrp at Utopia and it is this country that Charmaine depicts in her paintings.

Charmaine's main inspirations are the Atnwengerrp area and Awelye (women's ceremonies and body paint). 

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